"Become An Illusionist" Team Building Session - All Day

The 'Become an illusionist' Team Building Day really runs for 5 hours in total with a break in the middle for lunch. 
The day starts with a short extract of Slightly Unusual's award winning comedy illusion act, that was described by the Stage Newspaper as "The speciality / variety act of the decade"
After the show the delegates are split into small teams, each team is given a Grand Illusion along with the instructions and has just a short amount of time to learn the illusion,  create an innovative presentation,  assign roles as every member of the team must be involved and then perform their Grand Illusion to all the other delegates to decide who will be crowned the Champions of Illusion. 
As well as learning how to be an illusionist the delegates will also take part in other fun and interesting team bonding games such as our unique Balloon Modeling game, where each member of the team will learn how to make a very small part of a fantastic balloon model such as a 'Teddy Bear holding Flowers' it's then a race against the clock as each team member has to make the small part of the balloon that they know and rely on their team members to do the rest. Which team will finish first? And whose balloon model will look the best?
After a break for lunch the delegates will learn the newest most exciting genre of magic Street Magic. If you've seen Dynamo, Troy and David Blane on TV you'll know what we're talking about.
Each team is given a different Street Magic trick to learn, and just as with the Grand Illusions will need to create their very own presentation and then as a team they will need to decide who is going to take on the role as the Street Magician. The Street Magician will then perform their newly learnt miracle to each team and the teams themselves will decide on the winners.
Not only is this great fun and something your delegates will remember forever, but everyone attending will need to be creative,  innovative and most importantly work well together as a team.